Remarkable products are born out of visionary ideas. The quest to step out of the box. The courage to do something that requires patience and perseverance. The ability to give back and not just to take. At SRG, it’s more than just wood. From a small store to a thriving international presence as an indisputable leader in solid and engineered timber, the Sumitra Rajkripal Group SRG has evolved around its core values of quality, sustainability and minimum environmental impact. Whether it is conscientious use of resources, extensive dealership network or end-to-end solutions, SRG offers more than just world-class products; it offers the assurance of a lasting, sustainable, quality- driven partnership.


Driven by an unflagging passion to provide high quality, sustainable solutions, SRG’s extensive repertoire of products are available under specific brands, namely, SRG Club, SRG Premium, SRG Captor, SRG Wistara and SRG Vigil. The company’s impeccable reputation and robust, end-to-end solutions have ensured an extensive, growing client base ranging from the construction industry, interior design studios to corporates and schools. SRG products are a synergistic blend of traditional knowledge, experience and state of the art technology, and are designed to address the most demanding aesthetic and engineering requirements. They are manufactured keeping in mind the highest expectations of quality, sustainability and minimum environmental impact.

Sustainable solutions

SRG’s uses high quality layered wood material and state-of-the-art technology to create the most durable plywood for our clients. Resistant to bending, splitting, breaking, cracking and warping, it is a versatile product that can be used for construction and furniture making.

Unparalleled Quality

BWP grade SRG block board is manufactured with carefully seasoned pine wood as a plumber core and provides a solid solution for any number of demanding uses. It is ideal for creating worktops, long bookshelves, benches, wall panels, partitions, beds and other indoor products that need to be able to hold heavy weights without sagging or bending.

Unmatched Quality

Made from high quality veneer and seasoned wood and bonded with phenol formaldehyde resin manufactured at our own advanced technical resin plant to ensure strength and high impact resistance, SRG flush doors cover both functional and aesthetic aspects. SRG flush doors are resistant to termite, wood borer, and other types of organisms and can be easily painted and polished to create a flawless surface finish.

SRG also offers its customers exquisite furniture options and a range of high-quality logs and lumber from across the world. Available through an extensive dealer network, these products provide a wide range of solutions for businesses and individuals.


As part of SRG’s end-to-end solutions, Sumitra Woodcrafts Pvt Ltd offers designs that are expertly crafted, durable, and exceptionally equipped to address the most demanding needs of our clients. A FSC Certified company, Sumitra Woodcrafts Pvt Ltd has been at the forefront of providing design solutions to some of the leading home product retailers in the US and Europe.



Responsibly sourced from across the world, SRG provides the best quality logs to retailers through a nation-wide network. Our logs are imported from Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia and are put through stringent quality checks and match up to the best in class.



SRG provides high quality softwood and hardwood lumber to retailers across India. Our imported lumber offers considerable choice that spans Teak wood, Malaysian Hardwood, Suriname Hardwood, Radiata Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce Fir Pine, Taeda Pine and Elliottii Pine.

A history of precision

The history of engineered wood via cross graining is a long and interesting one. While its use is almost ancient, it was not until the 1850s that it started getting used on an industrial scale. It was around this time that high-quality synthetic water-resistant glues were invented and became one of the most important innovations in the history of plywood.

At SRG, we are proud to have been part of this history since 1895. From building bridges, wharves, warehouses and factories to packaging, commercial and residential building to furniture, SRG engineered wood has clients spanning a wide market across the country. Even as our products conform to the highest standards in the industry, we continuously challenge our own benchmarks to offer the best to our clients.

A legacy of compassion
Corporate Social Responsibility

At SRG, we believe that society, including all components of its economic, political, environmental, spiritual, and scientific aspects are not only intricately interconnected but also interdependent. One without the other cannot thrive in the true sense. Our sincere endeavour is to identify and to provide opportunities to those that could benefit most from our contributions. Our major initiatives: Smt. Brahmadevi Saraswati Balika Vidya Mandir, Village Development Programme by Shiksha Bharati, Smt. Sumitra Devi Shishu Mandir, Shri Ram Seva Samiti Hospital and Primary School Shiksha Bharati.

Our Philosophy & Vision

SRG has at its core a strong sense of inclusiveness that pervades every aspect of its business. Whether it is conscientious use of resources, providing high quality solutions, innovating to enhance customer satisfaction and experience, or pioneering initiatives to ensure quality education, SRG’s philosophy of inclusiveness aims at transparency and lasting partnerships. SRG has a rich legacy of expertise, experience and attention to detail and its vision is to continue breaking new ground in terms of quality, sustainability and cutting-edge innovations.